Three brothers, Jean-Luc, Jacques et Frédéric contitue the String Trio
Borsarello. Being old pupils of the National Superior Conservatory of
Music in Paris, they got the advices of the best french Masters.
Their warm and open sonority incited them, many years ago, to give up
a part of their life to chamber music. That for, they equiped with
instruments of the same age and country, Italy.
The repertoiry they defend is very broad, from Bach to contemporary
composers. Besides being three brothers, the originality of this string Trio
consists in being able to play with Flute, Piano, Oboe, Organ, Clarinet or
Bassoon , wich enriches its repertory.

After a first price at Conservatoire of Toulon, he was admitted at the National
Superior Conservatory of of Music in Paris. Lauréate in 1968 in the class of
Pierre Nérini, he becomes the pupil of Max Rostal in Bern, and pursues his
studies with Henryk Szering in Geneva and in Paris with Nell Gotkowsky.
Between 1980 et 1983, he has been appointed as solo violin of the chamber
music Orchestra
of Limoges.
Holder of the Certificate of aptitude to teach, he teached in the same city.
Member of the chamber music orchestra of Versailles, he is now solo violon in
the Bernard Thomas Orchestra and titular violin teacher at the Conservatory of
Montgeron (Essonne).
Jean-Luc is also a famous painter of Provence Country. He has wined severals
price and organised expositions.


He begins to play violin with Pierre Calvi in Toulon, gets a first price and
begins to play viola with Dominique Richard. He got into the National
superior Conservatory of music of Paris in the class of Serge Collot and
Bruno Pasquier. After getting his prices in viola and chamber Music, he
joints the Loewenguth Quartet before joining the Razumowsky Quartet of
Paris with whitch he gets a first international price in Naples.He creates in
Radio France compositions of Michaël Levinas et Auber Lemeland, and
becomes viola solo of the Bernard Thomas Orchestra. Holder of the
Certificate aptitude to teache, he teaches at the National Conservatory of
Versailles district and in Paris. Jacques has edited pedagogic books for
viola and has written severals novels about musical world.

Pupil of Jean Brizard at the CNR of Boulogne-Billancourt, he got into the
National Superior Conservatory of music in Paris in the class of Paul
Tortelier and gets a first price with Maurice Gendron and chamber music.
He leaves in Germany r music in the class of Geneviève Joy in the CNSM,
and get into the harmony class with Alain Bernaud. In 1981, he creates
withFriends the Razumowsky Quartet (first international price in Naples).
Cello solo in the chamber Orchestra in Versailles, he gets the Certificate of
aptitude to teach. He is now in the Conservatory of the 11th district of Paris,
and at the National with Paul Tortelier and works two years in the third
division of chambeConservatory of Versailles district. Frédéric is also a
composer, member of SACEM, and has composed severals pieces for
Cello and others instrument.